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A confident mind knows no limits

Any good teacher can tell you that it’s one thing to memorize facts for a test, but that real mastery of a subject requires a deeper understanding of how a lesson relates to the subject as a whole and, ultimately, to the student’s life. At Education Innovations, this is our goal, and our passion, and our promise.


Buildings Need Scaffolding – So Do Students

In learning, as in building, architecture is key. We are born with the ability to learn by adding principles, making connections, testing our knowledge, and ultimately predicting outcomes and developing creative problem solving strategies. So an effective learning system should pay attention to how we learn, so that it can take advantage of our built-in scaffolding to turn what we learn into a meaningful, useful foundation to build upon.

Our Checkpoints™ Learning System is designed to give teachers and professional development instructors the tools to tap into our innate learning processes in such a way that students will acquire confidence in their ability to use the power each of them already possesses to learn not just facts and procedures, but to understand how everything they learn fits into the overall value and importance of their education.


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